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These are the terms of use and the terms of privacy in relation to the services that are accessible on or via Sedlo Law Firm (“SLF”, “we”, “us” or “our”) website ( The access and visit or any other use of our website by any user (the “Use of the Website”) is subject to the present terms. Any Use of the Website implies acceptance of the present terms.


SLF collects and processes certain personal data of individuals that access and visit our website. SLF undertakes to protect your privacy and keep collected data safe and secure. In this respect, SLF acts as data controller and data processor, as such roles are further detailed in the Luxembourg law of 1 August 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data in criminal and national security matters, as may be amended from time to time (the “Law”).


These terms of use and privacy serve to provide you with (i) the terms of use of our website (the “Terms of Use”) and (ii) the information as to how SLF collects, saves, uses and shares personal data (about you or in general, when accessing and visiting our website) and what rights data subjects are entitled to (the “Terms of Privacy”; and collectively with the Terms of Use, the “Terms”).


The Use of the Website is conditional upon the acceptance of these Terms of Use and the Terms in general. SLF reserves the right to amend, update and/or change the Terms of Use at its sole discretion and without any prior notice.

1. Disclaimer


Any of the content and materials made available for consultation and downloads on our website (the “Content”) is intended only for information purposes and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Reliance and/or usage of such Content is at your sole responsibility and SLF cannot be held liable for any damages reliance and/usage may have/had caused. The provision of the Content on our website shall not be interpreted as an attorney/lawyer-client relationship and does not constitute an offer of services or solicitation by SLF.


2. Intellectual Property Rights

The Content, along with any other content made available, accessible or extractable from our website, including but not limited to, of any graphic, visual, and/or computer/source code nature, is the intellectual property of SLF or its licensors and are therefore protected by the applicable intellectual property rights.  Any Content that is protected by third party intellectual property rights may be subject to specific terms and conditions of such third party.


3. Links to Third Party Resources


Our website may contain hyperlinks to other website and resources that are operated by third parties. Accordingly, we have no control over such website and resources, its content and their operation, and therefore cannot be held liable for it. Provision of such hyperlinks is only for information purposes and are provided for your convenience.


4. Limitation of Liability


Your access to and use of our website, as well as the reliance or usage of the Content is made at your own risk. Within the limits of applicable law, SLF and any of its lawyers and employees will not be held responsible or liable for any damages of any nature arising from the use or performance of our website under any circumstances. 


5. Use of Cookies


In order to enhance the functionality of our website, we may collect certain information about you when you access and use our website. Such collection of information is done by using the so-called “cookies”. Cookies are small files that contain data which are stored on a device with which you have accessed a website (computer, tablet or smartphone). Information collected with the help of cookies can be of different nature, for example it can be your IP address, time spent on our website, certain preferences and choices made by you on our website, but also certain information and reports about the functionality of our website and any errors in relation thereto.   


SLF uses third party cookies to collect data in relation to analytics and statistics so that we can keep track how our website is used, which pages and Content has been consulted and to make sure that our website is always up-to-date. In this respect, we use Google Analytics which collects “analytics cookies” and which allows us to track and record the activity on our website. Google Analytics is a third party service provider and we have no control over such cookies and any information/data that Google Analytics may collect nor are we responsible as to how such data may be used. We therefore encourage you to review Google Analytics specific terms and policies in this respect.


6. Managing Cookies


A pop-up information banner will appear when you visit our website in relation to the use and storage of cookies on your device, as well providing links to these Terms and our general terms of privacy. We encourage you to configure and adjust your cookies settings within your internet browser, which generally allows you (depending on the browser however) to accept, reject and delete cookies. The aforementioned banner will remain visible at the bottom of the page until you have clicked “I understand” or “More Information” buttons or by closing the banner. By clicking on the “I understand” button, by closing the banner or by continuing to browse our website with the banner remaining visible, we assume that you consent to the storage and use of cookies on your device. Unless you deleted the cookies stored on your device or they have expired, you will not encounter the pop-up banner again when visiting our website another time with the same browser and device.


7. Further Information and Questions


Feel free to contact us should you require any further information with respect to these Terms of Use or if you have any questions in this respect. You can reach us by email on this address Alternatively, you can also write to us at 19, rue Eugène Ruppert, L-2262 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.



These Terms of Privacy relate to information that may be collected by us in relation to the provisions of services that are accessible on or via our website (the “SLF Website Services”). The general terms of privacy for services other the SLF Website Services can be found here.


1. Sources of Data Collected for the SLF Website Services


Provision of the SLF Website Services depends on the collection and processing by us of the personal information of any user that takes advantage of the following services provided via our website:

  • Subscription to our newsletters (the “Subscribers”);

  • Application for a listed job offer or a spontaneous application for a job (the “Applicant”); and

  • Browsing our website without any subscription or application (the “Visitor”).

2. Categories of Data Collected and Processed


Data collected and processes by SLF can be summarised (but, in certain circumstances, not limited to) in the following categories:

  • Subscriber: full name and email address, IP address;

  • Applicant: date of birth, citizenship, gender, private and email addresses, telephone number, details as to education and work experience, IP address, any other information that may be submitted by the Applicant (cover letter, CV, diplomas, certificates, personal preferences, etc.);

  • Visitor: IP address.


We do not collect and/or process any special categories of personal data under Article 9 of the Law. Special categories of personal data includes, among others, data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, medical or health data, etc. (the “Sensitive Data”). We also do not process any personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences.


It may well be that you communicate certain Sensitive Data to us, for instance as the Applicant when applying for a listed job offer or a spontaneous application for a job with SLF or for any other reason. We consider that, if such Sensitive Data is communicated to us by you, that you expressly consent for us to use and process it in relation to the services, as the case may be, that you have requested from us and/or in view of providing a reply to your query.


3. Legal Basis and Purpose of Processing of your Data

SLF receives, collects, stores, shares, transfers and generally processes your personal data in relation to the SLF Website Services based on the following legal bases and purposes:


a) The processing is necessary for our legitimate interests


SLF has certain legitimate interest for which personal data processing is necessary. This may include management and maintenance of our IT infrastructure, which includes the smooth running of our website and the subsequent provision of the SLF Website Services.


Moreover, your data may be used by SLF for marketing activities and commercial communication. Such communication may include distribution of newsletters and brochures, invitations to events and trainings. For the avoidance of doubt, you have the right to object at any time to such communication. Any such communication includes an option for you to unsubscribe. Alternatively you can also contact SLF at and request that no such communication shall be send to you.


SLF may also connect and communicate with you via social media. We also monitor usage of our website in order to improve our marketing activities and communication.


b) The processing is made with your consent

In order to provide services to the Subscribers and Applicants, we must process personal information on the bases of the consent of such Subscribers and Applicants. This is achieved via subscription to newsletter or via your submission of a job application via our website. Please consult our general terms of privacy here, which details how you can withdraw your consent at any time or correct the information that you have provided to us.


4. Disclosure of Data

SLF may disclose your data. Such disclosure will depend on the services we provide and the specific circumstances and can also be made for our marketing activities. Accordingly, your data may generally be disclosed to the following (non-exhaustive list) of recipients:

  • Lawyers and employees of SLF;

  • IT service providers of SLF;

  • Third party service providers (for instance recruitment agencies);

  • Governmental bodies in Luxembourg and abroad;

  • Third party service providers that assist us with the organisation of events and presentations;


The above recipients are generally located in the European Union, but it may well be that some of them (which could be due to a particular transaction and/or service provision) may be located outside of the European Union. SLF will take utmost care that that no personal data is transferred outside of the European Union to a country which does not ensure adequate level of protection (unless you authorise us to do so) and/or we will take specific measure to comply with the Law.


Any personal information that you provide on our website is only accessible to SLF.


Any personal information received by us by email is hosted and stored on our internal server, which is located within the secure premises of SLF. With regard to any personal information in paper form received from an Applicant, such data will be stored in the secured premises of SLF and processed in accordance with our general terms of privacy which can be accessed here


5. Duration of Storage of your Data


Please consult Section 5 of our general terms of privacy which can be accessed here.


6. Rights of the Data Subjects


Please consult Section 6 of our general terms of privacy which can be accessed here.


7. Our Expectations from Data Subjects

Please consult Section 7 of our general terms of privacy which can be accessed here.

8. Changes to these Terms of Privacy

SLF may amend these Terms of Privacy in order to comply with the Law and/or any other applicable regulation in this respect or to continue rendering SLF Website Services. Further changes may be also made to accurately reflect our data collection and processing practices. We therefore advise you to regularly check these Terms of Privacy for any updates and amendments.


9. Further Information and Questions


Feel free to contact us should you require any further information with respect to these Terms of Privacy or if you have any questions in this respect. You can reach us by email on this address Alternatively, you can also write to us at 19, rue Eugène Ruppert, L-2453 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction


These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be submitted exclusively to the courts of the city of Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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