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ASSISTING a major German asset manager in the setting-up of a EUR 2 billion pan-European SICAV - specialised investment fund investing into real estate throughout the EU.


ASSISTING a world-leading fashion group in the migration of its foreign entities to Luxembourg.


ADVISING Praxair, Inc in connection with the listing of EUR 500,000,000 Notes due 2025 and EUR 550,000,000 Notes due 2024 on the Luxembourg Euro MTF. 

ASSISTING an US investment firm on the structuring and setting-up of a EUR 2,2 billion Senior infrastructure debt fund under the form of a specialised investment fund (SIF). 


ASSISTING a Luxembourg issuer in connection with the issue of USD 600 million 8 per cent. loan participation notes due 2022 under the USD 1,5 billion Programme for the issuance of loan participation notes by the Issuer for the purpose of financing loans to a Russian leading bank. 

ASSISTING Arminius Funds in the acquisition from Eurocastle, as part of a loan restructuring, of the controlling-majority stake in various SPVs holding 28 primarily commercial properties with a market value of approximately EUR 1 billion.


ASSISTING a UK asset manager in the early repayment of EUR 523,246,000, USD 504,826,000 and GBP 211,060,000 tracking loan facilities and the admittance of leverage bonds to listing and trading on the Irish stock exchange. 

ASSISTING a leading broadcasting and media European group of companies in respect of a EUR 4,2 billion facilities agreement. 


ASSISTING GDF Suez with respect to a EUR 2,2 billion assets under management SICAV-SIF used as a Pension Pooling Vehicle. Negotiation of the terms and conditions of all the agreements in connection with the change of the services providers to the fund (central administration, paying agent, domiciliation agent, custodian bank...) in Luxembourg. 

ASSISTING a bondholders’ trustee in a regulated Luxembourg securitisation company facing liquidity issues which has issued bonds for GBP 1 billion. 


ASSISTING a major UK investment firm on the structuring and setting-up of a GBP 1 billion infrastructure debt fund under the form of a Luxembourg securitisation vehicle. 


REPRESENTING the asset and wealth division of a major German bank in launching a property fund. 

ASSISTING an European based client in a joint-venture debt fund consisting in the setting-up and structuring of a EUR 500 million SICAV-SIF and the setting-up and use of a Luxembourg securitisation company. 


ACTING for Aviva Investors European Secondary Infrastructure Credit SV S.A. (a Luxembourg securitisation vehicle) in connection with the issue of EUR 500 million secured revolving profit participating notes for the acquisition of infrastructure loans.


ASSISTING one of the world's largest French asset managers in the structuring of catastrophe risk linked instruments. 

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