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10 Reasons why Luxembourg is the ideal place to create an Investment Fund

Luxembourg has always been an uncontested leading place for the creation of regulated or unregulated funds. What are the reasons for the huge success of this small country located at the very heart of the European Union?

SEDLO LAW FIRM lists 10 MAIN REASONS why Luxembourg is an ideal place to create a fund:

1. VARIETY: For any type of investment or investor, there is an ideal Luxembourg fund

2. ONSHORE: Luxembourg funds are “onshore” and UCITS and AIFs take advantage of EU-passporting mechanisms

3. FLEXIBILITY: Luxembourg laws applicable to funds ensure the most possible flexibility

4. TAX: Luxembourg legislation ensures tax efficiency and tax transparency

5. EXPERIENCE: Luxembourg is used to deal with almost any type of fund existing in the financial markets and all service providers needed for the creation of a fund have extensive expertise

6. BUSINESS FRIENDLY: Luxembourg is business friendly, solution driven and all actors in the Luxembourg fund industry strive to attract business

7. STABILITY: Luxembourg laws are stable and do not change constantly

8. SPEED: Luxembourg is fast in implementing favorable fund legislation

9. DIVERSITY: Luxembourg is a multilingual country with more than 170 nationalities living in Luxembourg

10. REPUTATION: Luxembourg funds are well-known and have been tested internationally

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